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Torah VeHa’aretz Institute (the Institute for Torah and the Land of Israel) engages in research, public education, and the application of contemporary halachic issues that come to the fore in the bond between Torah and the Land of Israel today. At the crux of this bond are the mitzvot hateluyot ba’aretz, the mitzvot associated with the Land of Israel, which have become an integral part of our national life ever since the return of the Jewish People to its homeland. At Torah VeHa’aretz Institute, rabbis and agronomists collaborate to probe the halachic issues surrounding these special mitzvot, develop cutting-edge methods to apply them in our modern world, and educate the public on the topic.

The dizzying pace of innovation in modern life raises many topics that have not been studied in the past regarding the unique interface between Torah and various areas in individual and public life. Torah VeHa’aretz Institute takes an active role in nation’s technological, social, and spiritual development, publishing articles, halachic treatises, and studies on diverse innovations. Our website features various topics discussed in the public discourse. Torah VeHa’aretz Institute also creates curricula and educational materials about various topics in Judaism, and collaborates with Torah research institutes that specialize in other areas on diverse initiatives. All of this is done to provide halachic solutions to the new issues that arise in the field.

Torah VeHa’aretz Institute was founded in 5746 (1986) in Kfar Darom, a settlement of Gush Katif. Following the Disengagement in 5765 (2005), Torah VeHa’aretz Institute continued operations temporarily in Ashkelon until 5774 (2014). Afterwards it moved to a temporary structure in Shavei Darom, a new development in the Western Negev founded by the former Kfar Darom residents. During winter of 5784 (2024) Torah VeHa’aretz Institute moved to a final structure in Nitzan, between Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Torah VeHa’aretz Institute boasts a unique multidisciplinary team of erudite Torah scholars and leading agronomists. Together, they collaborate to find solutions for issues regarding halacha, technology, and agriculture. Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, president of Torah VeHa’aretz Institute, former rabbi of Ramat Gan, is considered one of the prominent spiritual leaders across the spectrum of Israeli society. Torah VeHa’aretz Institute is headed by Rabbi Yigal Kaminetsky, former rabbi of the Gush Katif Gaza Strip region; currently rosh yeshiva of the Nitzan advanced yeshiva. Rabbi Yehuda Amichay, a prominent Torah scholar, heads the Halacha Research Unit. Agronomist Dr. Mordechai Shomron heads the Agricultural R&D Unit.

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Torah VeHa’aretz Institute recently opened an English department to meet the needs of English speakers living in Israel and abroad. Knowledge and awareness of the mitzvot hateluyot ba’aretz, mitzvot associated with the Land of Israel, is relatively low among English speakers since most grew up abroad where the majority of these mitzvot do not apply. Moreover, there is a serious scarcity of material available in English about the practical application of these mitzvot in Israel today.

This is where we come in: the English department translates halachic material into English and posts it on the English website, features lectures in English about mitzvot associated with the Land of Israel, provides Ask the Rabbi Q&A services, organizes halachic-agricultural tours, and issues various publications in English, among other things. Rabbi Moshe Bloom is the head of the English department. 


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