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Torah VeHa’aretz Institute was founded more than 30 years ago in Kfar Darom, Gush Katif to forge a bond between Torah and the Land of Israel’s holy soil. The institute’s Zionist vision is to create a just society based on Torah law in the Land of Israel, with an emphasis on the relationship among Torah and the Land of Israel, agriculture, and technology. Torah VeHa’aretz Institute is currently situated in Nitzan, near Ashkelon, settling the Negev and making it bloom, while deriving its inspiration from the deep faith of the Jewish People.

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Torah VeHa'aretz Institute engages in the research and application of mitzvot tied to the Land of Israel, mitzvot hateluyot ba'aretz, and educates the public about these topics. All this is accomplished thanks to the generous support of those who believe in strengthening the bond that connects the Jewish People to Torah and the Land of Israel.

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