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Torah VeHa'aretz Institute at your service!

Torah VeHa’aretz Institute engages in research, public education, and the application of contemporary halachic issues that come to the fore in the special bond between Torah and the Land of Israel in our day and age.

 At the crux of this bond are the mitzvot hateluyot ba’aretz, the mitzvot associated with the Land of Israel, which have become an integral part of our national life ever since the return of the Jewish People to its homeland. Torah VeHa’aretz Institute probes the halachic issues surrounding these special mitzvot, develops cutting-edge methods to apply them in our modern world, and is deeply involved in educating the public on this topic. At Torah VeHa’aretz Institute, rabbis and agronomists work together in a fruitful collaboration, in conformance with the halachic rulings of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel throughout the generations.