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The Laws of Orlah for the Backyard

The Laws of Orlah for the Backyard

A concise halachic guide on the laws of orlah for the home and private garden in Israel and abroad  

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Author: Rabbi Dr. Yoel Friedemann

Translator: Shoshan Raiz

Co-author and English ed. editor: Rabbi Moshe Bloom


The Laws of Orlah for the Backyard includes a translation of the laws of orlah from the book Hilchot Ha'aretz plus short, practical articles on the topic.

Orlah is a unique mitzvah dependent on the Land of Israel—but also applies abroad. The rulings in this book are based on articles written by the rabbis of Torah VeHa'artez Institute and on the rulings of Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, the institute's president.


This is the first in a series of practical halachic books on land-dependent mitzvot, published by the English Department of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute.


Length: 116 pages, including 20 pages of pictures, tables, and figures.

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