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Tevet-Shevat 5780 Issue no. 15

Digital Tu BiShevat Seder

Now, for the second year, we offer a free downloadable kit for an interactive digital Tu BiShevat Seder that reflects the unique Torah of the Land of Israel and our special bond to the land-dependent mitzvot! Ideal for the family, community, synagogue, and school.

The Tu BiShevat Seder kit is the fruit of the joint efforts of the English Department of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute and the Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora of the World Zionist Organization

The Seder activity guide is available in English, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Access the kit here

Trip to Poland

Recently, Rabbi Bloom flew to Poland on a short mission behalf of the Ministry of Diaspora. There, he gave Torah lectures on various topics in Warsaw, Lodz, and Wroclaw. In Warsaw, he gave two lectures on the unique land-dependent mitzvot: participants learned about the basic concepts associated with these mitzvot and their application for Jews living in Europe.

Tu BiShevat and Halachah

Tu BiShevat is the New Year for Trees. What does that mean halachically speaking? How do we calculate orlah years? What are its the practical ramifications on terumot and ma'aserot? What is chanatah and how is it related to Tu BiShevat? On this and more in the article here.

Hilchot Ha'aretz

Torah VeHa'aretz Institute is currently in the process of translating the book Hilchot Ha'aretz, a halachic guide on the special land-dependent mitzvot as they apply to the home and garden. We are in the final stages of translating the booklet on the laws of orlah and at the same time uploading the chapters to our website.

For Chapter 1: An overview of the general laws that govern the prohibition of orlah, see here.

New: Clips in Spanish

In honor of Tu BiShevat, we began translating the series of clips "A Mitzvah in a Minute" for Spanish speakers. The clips succinctly portray five of the land-dependent mitzvot: kila'im, orlah, shemitah, pe'ah, and ma'aser sheni. See the clips in English and Spanish here.