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Become a supervised nursery

Become a supervised nursery and receive halachic supervision

Instructions for receiving halachic supervision

Many nursery owners are often asked questions such as: "Is this tree kosher?" "Until when will the tree be orlah?" We at Torah VeHa'aretz Institute want to help you provide excellent halachic service to your clients. For this reason, we opened a department to supervise for orlah and kilayim at nurseries.

What do you get out of it? Peace of mind for you and your clients that everything is running in accordance to halachah. Furthermore, we do our utmost to promote the supervised nurseries with all of the tools at our disposal: on our website, ads, and in answers to questions.

Are you interested in receiving supervision for your nursery? Here are all of the steps involved:

  1. Send a request to receive supervision below.
  2. Coordinate a date for a free consultation to check the nature of the nursery and steps needed to put into place the required supervision plus receive a quote.
  3. Sign a document that the nursery owner will meet the required conditions and make all of the necessary preparations for this (see link below).
  4. Check up to ensure that the area is begin properly prepared for kashrut supervision (preparing the area, designating the supervised portion, separation between supervised and unsupervised plants).
  5. You will receive a certificate of halachic approval from Torah VeHa'aretz Institute.

To download the file with comprehensive guidelines here

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