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Guidelines for planting trees from supervised nurseries

Dear Customer,

You have the distinct privilege of performing the mitzvah of planting a fruit tree in the Holy Land!

The tree that you purchased is under the halachic supervision of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute only if it bears the tag of the institute's supervision. If the tree does not bear this tag, or if the tag seems to be torn or damaged, ask the nursery owner to give you a tree with its tag intact.

Kilayim - Kilei Ilan (Grafts)

If the label of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute is attached to the tree, it attests that the tree was not grafted in a forbidden fashion and it can be planted without concern of violating the kilayim prohibition.

*There is a halachic doubt regarding pomelo trees, so they should be planted by a non-Jew.

Orlah years

We have followed the growth of the tree from the time it was planted. Based on this date, the label on the tree states when its orlah years will finish. So that your tree's orlah count will follow these dates, it is important to ensure that you plant the tree using the guidelines in the clip below.

Orlah year calculation

If the tree is bought from our supervised nurseries, at the bottom of the trunk is a label marked with its first orlah year. If you transplant the trees according to the guidelines above and its clod of soil didn't crumble in the process of the transplant, the status of the tree is as follows:

Year on
the label

End of the orlah years
Fruits that begin to develop
(reach the chanatah stage)
from this date on, are permitted to eat
from the following dates:*

End of the fourth year
(neta revay)*
Fruits that begin to develop (reach the chanatah stage) from this date on do not have neta revay sanctity. After separating terumot and ma'aserot, they are permitted from the dates below:


15 Shevat   5780

15 Shevat   5781


15 Shevat   5781

15 Shevat   5782


15 Shevat   5782

15 Shevat   5783


15 Shevat   5783

15 Shevat   5784


15 Shevat   5784

15 Shevat   5785


15 Shevat   5785

15 Shevat   5786


15 Shevat   5786

15 Shevat   5787


* Fruit that begin to grow after 15 Shevat in the year following the end of the orlah years have neta revay sanctity, which needs to be transferred onto a coin with a blessing.


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