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Grafting: Where is there a list of all the kosher combinations? (1)


Is it permissible to plant a tree from a lemon tree scion grafted onto a hushhash (sour orange) rootstock? Is there a comprehensive list of all the permissible grafting combinations? Are there any nurseries that follow halacha?


Rabbi Yehuda HaLevy Amichay

Since hushhash is considered safek mino (possibly the same species) vis-à-vis lemon trees, it is possible to commission a non-Jew to plant it on your behalf. A comprehensive, up-to-date guide of kosher scion-stock combinations can be found in our Halachic Guides section on grafting.

See here the list of nurseries. 

The main nursery that we know of that observes the halachot of grafting—Mermelstein Nursery in Ganei Tal.