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The Consumer's Guide to Shemitah

The Consumer's Guide to Shemitah

A concise halachic guide on the laws of shemitah for the home and private garden in Israel. Rabbis of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute

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Authors: Rabbis of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute.
Translator: Shoshan Raiz

English ed. editor: Rabbi Moshe Bloom


The Consumer's Guide to Shemitah includes all of the laws pertaining to private individuals during the shemitah year: caring for the home garden, growing plants at home, purchasing fruits and vegetables during the shemitah year, shemitah sanctity, bi'ur, remitting loans, and more.


This book is the fruit of the efforts of the rabbis and agronomists of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute, headed by Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, and written following the practical experience of guiding the Israeli public through the past five shemitah years.


Length: 233 pages.

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