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Emunat Itecha Periodical

Emunat Itecha

A scientific-religious journal that combines research and halachic application: Torah and research articles, Q&A, halachic solutions, and updates from leading institutions in Israel.


Emunat Itecha is a quarterly periodical issued by Torah VeHa’aretz Institute since 1985 (in its former home in Kfar Darom, Gush Katif; now relocated to Shavei Darom).

The name Emunat Itecha comes from the verse:

“וְהָיָה אֱמוּנַת עִתֶּיךָ חֹסֶן יְשׁוּעֹת חָכְמַת וָדָעַת יִרְאַת ה' הִיא אוֹצָרוֹ” (Isaiah 33,6)

“And the faith of your times will be the strength of your salvations, wisdom and knowledge; fear of Hashem—that is [man’s] treasure. (Artscroll trans.)

The Reish Lakish interprets emunat itecha as referring to the order of Zeraim (seeds) in the Mishna, because a person has faith in God plants his seeds (Shabbat 31a).


Emunat Itecha accounts for the largest body of articles dealing with Israel’s special mitzvot. In its current format, the periodical combines Torah thoughts, research, and information for the general public from various institutes that engage in the unique bond that connects Torah and many areas of activity in Israel’s public sphere. This activity relates to the rebirth of the Jewish People in its homeland, in the generation ushering in the Redemption, and includes topics such as: agriculture, finance, law, medicine, and technology. Besides halachic discussions, Emunat Itecha features professional surveys written by scientists and agronomists.

A clear manifestation of the unique Torah of the Land of Israel in the generation of the Redemption is the extensive activity of Torah institutes that engage in halachic research and application in all areas of modern life: agriculture, technology, finance, law, and society. Each of these areas are addressed by the various disciplines of halacha. It is important to follow scientific and technological innovations, to understand both public and individual needs, and to learn what halacha has to say on the matter. This, in turn, makes it possible to provide viable solutions in our ever-changing lives.

Life in the modern era, in the Land of Israel and in the State of Israel, demands of us that we take Torah as it appears in our lives to a new level. The accelerated development in the fields such as of agriculture, medicine, and finances forces us to study anew nearly all disciplines of halacha: Shabbat, kashrut, the mitzvot tied to the Land of Israel, monetary matters, and more. Modern life in Israel necessitates a whole new type of Torah institution: institutes that combine the study of halacha with its application, bringing together Torah knowledge with professional and scientific knowledge, so they can develop viable solutions to modern issues.

Aside from research and development, these institutes also serve as a platform to discuss and hone the halachic topics associated with its area of specialization. Until now, each institute focused on its area of expertise and worked on its own, both in research and in development. From the year 5772 (2012), Torah VeHa’aretz Institute initiated a wonderful change: bringing all of this Torah R&D together under the umbrella of one periodical. Emunat Itecha (from Vol. 95 and on) now features research articles from various institutes that specialize in different fields: Puah Institute, specializing in medicine and fertility according to halacha; Kosharot, which researches and provides halachic consultation for kashrut-related topics; Mishpatei Eretz and Mishpat La’am, institutes that research Mishpat Ivri (halachic law) and encourage the general public to turn to the Beit Din for civil and monetary matters; Zomet Institute, which engages in R&D for technology and halacha; and Keter Institute, which researches halachot related to the world of finances.

Without downplaying the unique contribution of each institute on its own, it is extremely significant that all of these institutes have a shared Torah platform both practically and spiritually. On a practical level, including various areas of their research in one periodical makes it convenient for both Torah scholars and the general public interested in the many areas of study. On a spiritual level, it is an embodiment of the words of the Gemara: “Why are the Torah scholars of the Land of Israel called “pleasant”? Since they pleasantly [enrich] one another in halacha.” It is our hope that bringing the research of all of these institutes under the umbrella of Emunat Itecha will increase the study and application of the Torah of the Land of Israel, and help continue to build our modern society here accordingly, in all areas of life.

Torah VeHa’aretz Institute firmly believes in the benefit of fruitful collaboration among the various Torah institutes. It is happy to spearhead this process of bringing their research together in one shared periodical; research that is a vibrant expression of the unique Torah of the Land of Israel, which increasingly manifests itself in all of the public spheres of life.

Emunat Itecha is primarily a Hebrew publication. From issue 118 to issue 125, its contents and the abstracts of select articles were translated into English, and appear at the back of each issue. These abstracts are also accessible online.