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Emunat Itecha English

Emunat Itecha is primarily a Hebrew publication. Since issue 118 (Tevet 5778, January 2018), however, its contents and the abstracts of select articles are translated into English, and appear at the back of each issue. These abstracts are also accessible online.

Emunat Itecha 125 English pages Tishrei 5780

Emunat Itecha 124 English pages Tammuz 5779

Emunat Itecha 123 English pages Nissan 5779

Emunat Itecha 122 English pages Shevat 5779

Emunat Itecha 121 English pages Tishrei 5779

Emunat Itecha 120 English pages Tammuz 5778

Emunat Itecha 119 English pages Nissan 5778 

Emunat Itecha 118 English pages Shevat 5778