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Sukkot Post-Shemitah Tours

Sukkot Post-Shemitah Tours


While the shemitah year is officially over, many shemitah laws are still in full swing.

We invite you to come down south to Torah VeHa'aretz Institute and learn, hands-on, all about the eighth year in a fun and interactive way this Sukkot.


What's on the program?

Tour our experimental hothouses. a shemitah vineyard and etrog orchard

Learn about shemitah laws still applicable and other land-dependent mitzvot hands-on

Play "Who's a Shemitah Whiz: The Eighth Year" Kahoot game (with prizes!)

Wheelchair and stroller friendly walking tour

Sukkah available for lunch

Cost: Only NIS 20 per person (ages 6 and up).

Save the date!

The tours will given on two dates:

Friday, 19 Tishrei (chol hamoed), 14/10:  10:00-12:30

Tuesday 23 Tishrei (isru chag), 18/10: 10:00-12:30, 14:30-17:00


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For questions contact: Rabbi Moshe Bloom, 052-8903729 (best by WhatsApp), or email: