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Bringing fruit into the house through the window


Fruit brought into the house through the window is not subject to the obligation of separating teruma and ma’aser. I live in a private house, though, and the fruit first goes into my yard and only after that is brought through the window. Is the fruit still exempt from teruma and ma’aser in this case, too?


Rabbi Yoel Friedemann

According to many poskim, if one brings fruit into the house through the window, the fruit will be completely exempt from teruma and ma’aser. However, there are some who rule that it is forbidden miderabanan in any case to eat achilat keva. See the Rambam, Hilchot Ma’aser 4:1, and the Derech Emuna LeRambam §8, ibid.

If the fruit was brought into one’s yard, there is an obligation to take teruma and ma’aser, as the Rambam clearly states in Hilchot Ma’aser (4:7).