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Shevat at Torah VeHa'aretz Institute

Shevat at Torah VeHa'aretz Institute

Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Shevat 5783

Don’t miss all of our special activities and materials in honor of Shevat!

Seder Tu Bishvat

Interactive digital Tu BiShevat Seder activity kit plus runner, prepared by Rabbi Moshe Bloom in English, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Interactive digital Tu Bishevat Quizzes

Are you an expert on the seven species? Take these quizzes and test your knowledge. You might even learn a thing or two.

Barley quiz: English, Hebrew 

Date quiz: English, Hebrew

Fig quiz: English, Hebrew

Kids' Seder and Workshop - Joint Venture with OU Israel

Tu Bishevat, Feb. 6 5783, Monday 4 PM

The Seder, featuring holy shemitah fruit and grape juice, will be led by Shoshan Raiz of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute's English department followed by a fun animal fruit creation workshop with Zimra from the OU
NIS 10 per child
Location: OU Israel Center, 22 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem
Sign up here:
Canceled due to weather

The daily clip and quiz on the laws of orlah

Posted on the WhatsApp groups with English subtitles and on Arutz 7 every day until Tu Bishevat.
For the full playlist, see here.

Lectures - The Halachic Garden

Lectures on the Halachic Garden (Flayer in Hebrew  PDF and JPG and English PDF and JPG)


Torah VeHa'aretz Institute Annual Conference

11 Shevat 5783, February 2. See here English Flyer, Hebrew Flyer and Hebrew schedule

Weekend retreat Shabbat Beshalach at Bayit Vegan – 12-13 Shevat, February 3–4

Tours of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute in English

Contact us:, 052-8903729

Coloring Pages

10 Coloring pages in English for children on the land-dependent mitzvot. And the Hebrew pages

Halachic Articles

Articles in English  on Tu BiShevat

Gardeners' Conference

7 Shevat, January 29.   See the English flyer and the Hebrew flyer. 

Open house at nurseries 

Tu Bishevat, Monday 15 Shevat, February 6.  See here. Canceled because of the rain!


Hebrew materials and activities

Midreshet Haaretz Mobile

For large groups only: Midreshet Haaretz Mobile – Virtual reality glasses, Clickit game, workshop with a rabbi, arts and crafts, ODT.   Shimon:0527710462

Tu BiShevat Kit for preschool teachers (Hebrew)

Tu BiShevat Seder in Hebrew: Seder Ha'aretz HaTovah (old version here).

The Big Tu Bishevat Contest on Tu Bishevat night. Register here:

Two written lectures on Tu BiShevat plus source sheets  #1 + #2

Mitzvot Ha'aretz on One Foot, Rabbi Itzhak Dvir

Halachic information on Tu BiShevat
Many articles on Tu BiShevat from previous years