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Shemitah Tours – Chol Hamoed Pesach 5772

Shemitah Tours –  Chol Hamoed Pesach 5772

Wednesday, 19 Nissan, April 20th
Tour 1: 11:30-13:30
Tour 2: 14:30-16:30

Torah VeHa'aretz Institute, Shavei Darom
(Near Nir Akivah, next to Netivot)
Only 90 minutes from Jerusalem (without traffic)

What's on the program?
Tour of Shavei Darom: Greenhouses with detached platforms and farmland

Cahoot and more: Competitive shemitah game for the whole family
plus activities for children!!

The tour is for adults and families with children
Cost: NIS 20 per person (6 and up)
Note: The tour includes walking (not difficult) and is wheelchair friendly.
Register here:  

For questions, Rabbi Moshe Bloom:  052-8903729,


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