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Pesach: Challah that got mixed in the matzot


After baking matzot mitzvah, we put all the matzot together and we took challah with a blessing. Just then, accidentally, the challah got mixed up with all of the questionable matzot given to the children following the matzah baking. When I noticed what had happened, I took the matzot from the children. Most probably the challah was not eaten, but my heart is very heavy about the whole thing. How do I go about rectifying the matter?


Rabbi Yehuda Amichay HaLevy

The entire obligation of taking challah from matzot made for children is an issue related to "dough that will be divided." However, if we say that the obligation is that of the teacher or the school, the best thing to do is what is called "lehisha'el." That is: to go to a talmid chacham, who can then nullify the hafrashat challah, and then the entire batch returns to its tevel status. Then you can put together all the matzot and to take challah again. I would need a few more details to answer this question properly,  though.

Follow-up question:

As a continuation to my question, the matzot were for adults who baked them for Seder night. The children took the challah that got mixed up with the matzot sefek that were set aside. They wanted to eat the questionable matzot after we did hafrashat challah. It wasn't together with the other matzot.


If the children ate the challah, there is no way to rectify the situation. However, challah was taken properly; it's just that it was forbidden to eat the challah, rather it was supposed to be burned. If the challah wasn't burned, now it should be burned. And if it was mixed in and you don't know which matzah the challah is, the entire batch of matzot safek should be burned.