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Pesach: Hydroponically grown maror


Is it possible to fulfill the mitzva of eating maror on lettuce grown hydroponically?


Rabbi Ehud Ahituv

The prevalent opinion is that it is possible to fulfill the mitzva of eating maror lechatchila on lettuce grown in any which way. This, too, is the case with the mitzva of eating matza made from wheat grown in an unperforated pot. So, even if the lettuce was grown hydroponically, this does not present a problem in fulfilling the mitzva of eating maror. Even according to the poskim who hold that shehakol should be recited on produce grown by hydroponics, the lettuce can be eaten, covered by the hamotzi recited previously on the matza (HaTorah VeHa’aretz 6; Mikra’ei kodesh harari - Pesach, Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli and Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu).