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Pesach: Hydroponically grown maror (1)


Does one fulfill the obligation of maror grown hydroponically?



Rabbis of Torah VeHa'artez Institute

Piskei Teshuvot (Hilchot Pesach §473:15) sums up this discussion as follows:

"Regarding these species mentioned above that grow in water or in an unperforated pot, disconnected from the soil, as we have seen recently in lettuce raised disconnected from the soil during the shemita year: the poskim discussed if its blessing is borei peri ha'adama or shehakol. In any case, it is possible to observe the mitzvah of maror. Even if we say that its blessing is shehakol, its taste did not change and its taste as maror is not nullified. The blessing of hamotzi exempts its blessing."