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Orlah: The status of fruit tree saplings set on synthetic grass

Rabbi Dr. Yoel Friedemann, Emunat Itecha 143, Nissan 5784

1) A private individual brought fruit tree saplings from the nursery and left them for a period of time on synthetic grass before planting them in his garden. Does he need to restart the orlah count?

2) We were asked a similar question by a nursery that sells fruit trees to private customers. The owner wanted the nursery to look nice, so he covered the nursery area with synthetic grass. Can the saplings be placed on the synthetic grass?

The question is whether or not synthetic grass is considered a detaching surface (if so, when placing saplings on it, one must recount the orlah years).

Neta Revay Tree around Tu BiShvat

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

 What you need to do around Tu BiShevat (15 Shevat), if you have a tree now in its fourth year?

Tu BiShevat and Orlah in and out of Israel

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

What is the connection between Tu BiShevat and Orlah? Is this rellevent if I live out of Eretz Israel?

Meaning of Orlah in Hebrew

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

What does orlah mean?

Calculating orlah years and neta revay for new and mature trees

Rabbi Yoel Friedemann

Thank G-d we moved into our new home and planted young saplings on 1 Kislev 5774. Can we eat from the fruit now? If not now, when? My uncle planted more mature trees. Do the same laws apply in this instance? If the fruit is still forbidden for consumption, what do we do with the fruit? Can you also explain, in detail, what I am supposed to do in the fourth year?

Is passionfruit subject to the laws of orlah?

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I planted a passionfruit vine as a living fence. Do I have to wait three years to eat the fruit?


The orlah year calculation

Dr. Mordechai Shomron, agronomist

Two months ago we bought a dwarf lemon tree that says on it “from 2013.” We planted the tree together with the clod of earth that it came with, which only fell off a little bit. Do we have to start the orlah year count again? If so, can we uproot it and replant it, and in which way can we use its fruit without waiting?