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Nedivei Eretz

Nedivei Eretz

What is Nedivei Eretz, and how can we fulfill today (5782-2022) the mitzvah of shemitat kesafim at the end of the shemitah year?

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

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Join thousands performing the mitzvah of shemitat kesafim

Through the mitzvah of shemitat kesafim, loan remission, the Torah gives everyone a chance to turn over a new leaf, debt-free! This is exactly what the Nedivei Eretz Fund does with the money raised: Joining forces with Mekimi, a charitable organization that provides financial guidance to families, we carefully select families who have gone through Mekimi's guidance program. For these families, the only obstacle to financial independence is the heavy debt looming over their heads. Nedivei Eretz representatives contact the creditors (banks and the like) and offer them a debt settlement arrangement, whereas in exchange for paying part of the debt, the entire debt is forgiven. In our experience, we have succeeding in reaching 1:3 arrangements; that is: each shekel you donate cancels three shekels of debt!

All it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Loan
    Loan any amount you choose to Nedivei Eretz.

  2. Cancel
    At the end of the shemitah year the loan will be cancelled.

  3. Perform the mitzvah of shemitat kesafim
    The money will be transferred to Mekimi and will help the families in the midst of a financial rehabilitation process.

Remember: This is an opportunity of once in seven years!
Worth being partners…

*In order for the loan to actually be canceled you don't have to do anything. However, today it is customary to sign on a prozbul document that circumvents and cancels loan remission. So that the prozbul does not cancel your mitzvah, we'll send you a special prozbul form to sign on that makes an exception for the loan you give to Nedivei Eretz.

About Nedivei Eretz

Together with Hillel's institution of signing on a prozbul, some are stringent and lend money due before 29 Elul, after the prozbul is written. Such loans are automatically cancelled and give the lender the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of shemitat kesafim, loan remission. Another way of doing this is to explicitly note one loan that the prozbul does not apply to.

As part of the Nedivei Eretz project, people give loans to the fund so that the loan will be cancelled at the end of the shemitah year. For any amount cancelled, several banks cancel a similar amount.

In this way, we help families with heavy debt looming over their heads leave the circle of debt.
It is possible to sign on the Nedivei Eretz documents on the Torah VeHa'aretz Institute website and on the Nedivei Eretz website.

For more about Nedivei Eretz, se the article of Rabbi Dr. Yoel Friedemann, here