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A Prozbul ready for you to download and sign at the end of Shemitah year

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Click here to download the Prozbul of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute for the end of Shemitah 5782.

The prozbul should be signed on the last month of the shemitah year: Elul. If loans are made after signing a prozbul, when due before Rosh Hashanah, they are canceled. 

The lender signs the form in the presence of two witnesses. They sign that they are agents through whom the debts owed to the lender will be submitted to an important rabbinical court.

It is not necessary to actually submit the form to the rabbinical court, or even to send them a copy of the form. The form should be set aside. If the debtor is unwilling to repay the loan, the form can be shown to him.

Also in this shemitah year (5782), the Nedivei Eretz initiative is active, this year taking place together with mekimi. See more here.

See chapter 28 of our Consumer's Guide to Shemitah"Shemitat Kesafim (Debt remission) and Prozbul" for additional details.