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Harvest by a Jew in a heter mechirah field for agricultural experimentation

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I am a scientist at an agricultural research institute which performed heter mechirah. I would like to harvest samples of wheat planted during the shemitah year in the field sold through heter mechirah. Is it permissible for a Jew to harvest in this way, since it is not the regular method of harvest and in addition I do not intend to eat the wheat kernels?

Carrots and Dorot Products during Shemitah

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

 The brand Dorot Farm is sold in the United States. What is the status of the carrots in terms of shemitah?


Buying orchids from a nursery during shemitah

Rabbi Moshe Bloom, in consultation with agron. Dr. Motty Shomron

I am considering visiting an orchid boutique nursery - it's called Sharon Orchids, in Rishpon, HaPrachim 31. Am I permitted to buy an orchid plant in view of shemitah?

Is it permissible to burn chametz that contains shemitah produce?

Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Nissan 5782

Is it permissible to burn chametz that contains shemitah produce, such as banana bread?

Repaying neighbors with shemitah produce

Rabbi Itzhak Dvir

Before Shabbat I saw I was short on carrots, so I borrowed a few from my next-door neighbor. I just restocked with otzar beit din carrots. Can I "repay" my neighbor with these carrots that have kedushat shevi'it, or is it like repaying a debt with kedushat shevi'it produce?

Uprooting kila'im during Shemitah

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Do I need to uproot Kila'im in my garden during the shemitah year?

Orlah fruit and kedushat shevi'it

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

 I have a tree in my yard that just entered its fourth year on 15 Shevat. I know that if we have a tree with orlah fruit hanging on it, we should remove the fruit so that (1) it doesn't get mixed up with neta revay fruit that will develop later on and (2) anyone who comes into the yard to take shemitah fruits doesn't inadvertently take prohibited orlah fruit.

Does this fruit have kedushat shevi'it, meaning does it have to be double-bagged or just thrown away regularly?

Taking kedushat shevi'it produce with you on a plane

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Can I take Kedushah produce with me on the plane?

Feeding weeds to chickens during shemitah

Feeding weeds to chickens during shemitah

At this time of year, chickweed and milk thistle generally sprout, and I usually feed them to my chickens. Am I allowed to do that this year? If so, in what way?

Edible weeds

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

My neighbor has edible weeds that sprout around now in her garden, namely wood sorrel (חמציץ, Jerusalemites often call them חמצוץ). Can I eat them during shemitah or are they considered sefichin?