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Bi'ur - When will bi'ur be applicable for most of us?

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What happens, say, if in another week (bi'ur time for loquats), you have loquat preserves that you cooked together with lemons (whose bi'ur time is in more than a year!)? What about if there are other non-sacred foods cooked with the kedushat shevi'it loquats?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Sivan 5782

In such cases, even when there is a small amount of kedushat shevi'it produce subject to bi'ur in the mixture, the entire mixture will be obligated in bi'ur.  This is true even if the shemitah produce subject to bi'ur is miniscule.

By bi'ur time, it is highly unlikely that we'll have fresh produce. However, we might have produce that we jarred, pickled, froze, or bottled (wine and olive oil).

For more on the laws of bi'ur, see Chapter 24 of The Consumer's Guide to Shemitah, see here