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Buying bulbs, seeds, seedlings, and other plants from nurseries in 5783

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Rosh Hashanah is almost here and we gardeners want to know how we can buy plants from nurseries. After the New Year, may we buy bulbs from a bulb nursery, or must we wait a whole another year because they were promulgated during shemitah?

What about roses (bare rooted)? Vegetable seeds? Trees? Bushes? Seedlings?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Av 5782


Buy such items from shemitah-observant nurseries until:

Annual flowers and seedlings - Middle of Tevet 5783.

Perennial flowers - You can be lenient (roses included) and buy them right after Rosh Hashanah 5783.

Vegetable seeds - Has a long shelf-life and many are imported, so we can be lenient and buy them immediately after RH.

Grass Turf rolls - Buy after Sivan 5783.



If the trunk diameter is 0–5 cm,  the tree is less than 1 year old.

So if you come just after shemitah and the trunk is greater than 5 cm, you may buy it

If the trunk diameter is less than 5 cm, avoid buying it because it was planted during shemitah.


Fruit trees - Buy only from nurseries supervised for kilei Ilan (forbidden tree grafts) and supervised for orlah if you want the nursery years to count for orlah years.