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Buying holy shemitah wine, grape juice, and olive oil – Tevet 5783

Buying holy shemitah wine, grape juice, and olive oil – Tevet 5783

Grape juice, red and white- Shenat Hasheva

Kashrut: Otzar beit din of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz

Natural red and white grape juice, not mevushal (it is pasteurized, though)

Mishnat Yosef–
NIS 99 per box of 9 bottles (1 L)  plus NIS 5 fee for the delivery station
Shenat Hashevah, Organized deliveries – NIS 110 per box of 9 bottles (NIS 12.2 per bottle instead of 17 regular years)

Ordering information

Mishnat Yosef: Register and order here

Private organized deliveries through Shenat Hashevah (minimum of 30 boxes/tins from all grape juice, wine, and oil products): Contact Yuval at 058-6123777
Organizers receive a small amount of compensation as agents of the beit din.                                                             

Red and white sparkling Moscato (sweet, 5.5% alcohol)
Orders though Shenat Hasheva only. To organize an order contact Yuval (minimum order- 30 boxes from any/of all of their products)  (see above).


Organized deliveries – NIS 110 per box of 6 bottles (NIS 18 per bottle instead of NIS 30 for regular years).

Sweet red and white wine – expected around Tu Bishevat time
Dry red and white wine – expected around Tu Bishevat time

Extra virgin olive - Shenat Hasheva

Kashrut: Otzar beit din of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz
Up to 0.4% acidity content

NIS 125 per 5 L tin (NIS 25 per liter instead of NIS 40 regular years). Limited quantity.

Ordering information

Available through private organized deliveries only (minimum of 30 boxes/tins from all grape juice, wine, and oil products): Contact Yuval at 058-6123777


Pnei Kedem organic olive oil

Michael Lourie is an oleh from Melbourne, Australia. He is currently a resident of Pnei Kedem, a settlement in the Judean hills overlooking the Dead Sea that he helped found together with his wife Suzy and Garin Ofni. They have recently opened a visitor's center onsite.

Not only is agriculture in Pnei Kedem an expression of love of the land of Israel, but it also began as an effort to protect the young settlement from local Arabs who habitually encroached upon its lands and intimidated its inhabitants. Michael and some other farmers have planted olive groves and vineyards along the perimeter of Pnei Kedem, thereby creating a buffer zone between the Arabs and the Jewish inhabitants with the farmers serving as a vital presence in the area.

The Pnei Kedem farmers have observed shemitah with great devotion as agents of the Gush Etzion otzar beit din. It is a big mitzvah to support them and help cover their expenses by purchasing the holy oil from them. It is now possible to order the organic olive oil.

Note that in a taste-testing competition among olive oils grown in Judah and Samaria, Pnei Kedem organic olive oil won first place!


Certified by the otzar beit din of Gush Etzion.

Price list

750 ml bottle – NIS 50
2 L tin – NIS 120

Box of 12 (750 mL) bottles – NIS 580

Special edition gift bottle – NIS 60/90

5 L tin – NIS 275

Ordering information

Michael Lourie: 054-4730652, e-mail:

Delivery to drop-off points in Beit Shemesh, Efrat, Jerusalem, and Raanana. Home delivery in these cities is at an additional fee of NIS 50. In Pnei Kedem, delivery is free. Elsewhere, price depends on location. It is also possible to pick up the oil in Pnei Kedem.

Soon: Fine dry red organic wine  

Rosh Pinah Organic Olive Oil

Tsvi Klejman grows 11 dunams (1.1 hectares) of Syrian olives near Rosh Pina. Tsvi served as an otzar beit din agent of the Golan Heights beit din (Rabbi Uri Sedan, former rabbi of Nov). This year, his trees produced some 450 L of organic olive oil.

Through our posts in Torah Tidbits and our Shemitah Update WhatsApp groups, Tsvi has completely sold out on all of his holy oil.

Dry Rose and White Wine, Psagot Wine – Otzar Ha'aretz

Two types of wine: Rose and white, a mix of Gewurztraminer 46%– Colombard 37%- Chardonnay 17%

The wines are not avilable yet! (as of R"H Shevat).

Religious Council Mateh Binyamin Mehadrin and Otzar Ha'aretz. Grapes are from Gush Shiloh and Mevo Horon vineyards grown by Torah observant farmers.

Tarshish Ad Habayit: NIS 280 - NIS 35 per bottle, 8 bottles per box (in boxes only)
Order here.

Otzar Ha'aretz Stores: In individual bottles, up to NIS 40 per bottle (non-shemitah years this wine is sold at NIS 80 per bottle). 

Around Pesach time, dry red wine will also be available   

Dry red wine - Golan Heights winery

Dry red shemitah wine from the Golan Heights winery! There are only 12,000 boxes. Hurry to open up a distribution station before it's gone!


Certified by the Golan Heights otzar beit din and by Rabbi
Aharon Auerbach (son of Rabbi Avraham Dov) of Tiberius.

Ordering information

The boxes are distributed at distribution stations at NIS 180
per box (12 bottles per box). Minimum order: 50 boxes. The
wine is distributed in boxes only and not by individual bottles.

If you want to organize a distribution station in your area (organizers act as agents of the beit din and will also receive
a little something 🙂), please contact Rabbi Moshe Bloom.
He will put you in contact with the liaison at the Golan Heights winery.
Rabbi Moshe Bloom: 052-8903729



Golan Heights Wineries – all other wines

All of the wines produced by the Golan Heights winery this year is
through otzar beit din. Besides Batra wine (above), they are sold
as individual bottles in regular stores and at regular prices.
However, otzar beit din is printed on the label.