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Otzar beit din grape juice

Otzar beit din grape juice

Is there any Otzar Beit Din grape juice made from the holy grapes of the Shemitah year of 5782-3?

Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Kislaev 5783

Unfortunately, Otzar Ha'aretz will not be providing otzar beit din grape juice this year. There will be a few kinds of otzar beit din wines. Rabbi Nissim Karelitz's otzar beit din, however, does offer the holy juice. Mishnat Yosef is the otzar beit din's main distributor.

The otzar beit din grape juice is 100% natural, without any additives, and is not mevushal (it is pasteurized, though). The juice is truly delicious and natural tasting, the price is excellent (especially in light of the spike in grape juice prices), and it's holy! They offer red and white grape juice.

Grape juice can be ordered in a box of 9 bottles, (1 L each) at NIS 99 per box (they do not sell individual bottles). According to their website, they have 400 products (including shemitah produce), 249 distribution stations, and approximately 400,000 customers. The delivery arrives at the station once a week at a certain time and needs to be picked up at certain hours.

Note that grape juice is not available every week, but generally every other week. Also then, sometimes there is white grape juice and sometimes red grape juice. So even if you check their website and it's not listed, check again the next week and it will hopefully be. Mishnat Yosef delivers primarily, but not exclusively, to haredi areas.

Some of the boxes come with a list of halachic guidelines for the proper care for grape juice with kedushat shevi'it. The majority of these guidelines are identical to those of the rabbis of Otzar Ha'aretz and Torah VeHa'aretz Institute (there are a few minor differences, however).

The website is open for orders only from Thursday till Sunday. Register and order here (you need to register in order to enter the system and see their products):





Additional distributors 

Mechirah LeKehillah, similar to Mishnat Yosef, also distributes shemitah fruit and holy grape juice at cost price as determined by Rabbi Karelitz's otzar beit din: This organization distributes exclusively to haredi areas.

Shenat Hasheva also distributes the same juice in organized group orders and through Birkat Haadamah. You can order here:
If you are interested in coordinating a group order for your neighborhood or locality (minimum order is 30 boxes), and for additional details, call or send a WhatsApp to this number: 058-6123777.