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Buying yivul nochri - facts

Buying yivul nochri - facts

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Here are some facts and figures about yivul nochri, crops raised by non-Jews in the Land of Israel.

When mitzvah-observant Jews decide to buy yivul nochri, they directly support Arab farmers in building greenhouses.
This shemitah year, a whopping NIS 10M was allocated to Arab farmers to help them set up greenhouses to raise crops on behalf of the shemitah-observant population, as compared to NIS 5M two shemitot ago. These hothouses continue to operate after shemitah, impinging on Jewish agriculture. The criteria for receiving support is producing a document stating that the shemitah-observant groups will buy their produce (see the document attached).

🇵🇸 Thus, supporting yivul nochri directly supports the strengthening of Israeli-Arab agriculture and presence in the Land of Israel.

It behooves us, as mitzvah-observant Jews, to find alternative, mehadrin solutions for shemitah observance.

(see Hebrew document attached and my translation below).

If one chooses to buy yivul nochri produce, it is kosher. However, it is important that we understand the implications of our consumer buying power during non-shemitah years and especially during shemitah.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Policy for the support of growing houses in the minority sector – shemitah 5782

RE: Policy for the support of erecting growing houses for the shemitah year among the Arab sector

The goal of this policy is to define the criteria and rules for providing support to farmers in the non-Jewish sector who are interested in starting to grow vegetables in growing houses throughout the year 5782.

  1. Threshold administrative criteria for eligibility to receive support

7.2.1 Applicants must present a document from one or more shemitah-observant communities stating that they will be the consumers of the produce. This document, of course, is subject to the examination and approval by the authorities appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture or their agents.