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Otzar Beit Din Olive Oil

Otzar Beit Din Olive Oil

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Several months ago, we wrote in Torah Tidbits that unfortunately there would not be farmers who would produce otzar beit din olive oil. The reason for this is in previous shemitot, the public avoided buying the holy oil and the farmers suffered financial losses.

One response I received was from Tsvi Klejman, who grows 11 dunams (1.1 hectares) of Syrian olives near Rosh Pina. Tsvi served as an otzar beit din agent of the Golan Height Beit Din (Rabbi Uri Sedan, former rabbi of Nov). Now, besha'ah tovah, the oil is ready.
The price is set by the beit din, after considering many different parameters. Tsvi does not make a living from the olives, just takes care of them "on the side." The price covers his expenses and the expenses of the beit din.

Buying Tsvi's olive oil strengthens farmers who observe shemitah and affords us the privilege to use Israeli olive oil produced by an olive orchard that strictly observed the laws of shemitah. Furthermore, even though we are no longer in the shemitah year, the holiness of shemitah, its halachot and values will continue to accompany us for many months to come.

The olives are grown organically (but do not have official organic supervision since the grove is too close to non-organic olive trees, which makes it impossible to receive an official organic status and due to the high costs of the supervision).
Of course, there is no concern of orlah, tevel or kila'im.

He has only 300 L of Syrian olive oil.
To order: Tsvi Klejman 052-7907759
E-mail: 052-7907759
He delivers to Jerusalem, Petach Tikvah, Efrat, Raanana, and Rosh HaAyin
It is possible to purchase in quantities of 750 mL or  1, 5, or 15 L.