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Priority ranking for shemitah – Otzar Ha'aretz 5782

Priority ranking for shemitah – Otzar Ha'aretz 5782

Rabbi Moshe Bloom


What is the priority ranking for shemitah in Otzar Ha'aretz?



Rabbi Moshe Bloom


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Otzar Ha'aretz, under the halachic supervision of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute, will provide produce during the 5782 shemitah year according to the following order of priority:

  1. Kedushat shevi'it, produce with shemitah sanctity – Otzar beit din
  2. Sixth-year produce – storage
  3. Detached platforms
  4. Produce from the Aravah – with heter mechirah
  5. Produce from Olei Mitzrayim – with heter mechirah lechumra.

All of the above are grown by Jewish farmers only!

According to our plans, we will have sufficient produce for the entire shemitah year from these growing sources.

In the case that there is a problem and there is not enough produce of a certain kind, customers (vendors, store owners, institutions) will receive the option to choose an alternative source of the missing produce – import or heiter mechira. Otzar Ha'aretz will not deliver non-Jewish produce from Israel.