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Mushrooms and shemitah status

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

What is the status of mushrooms vis-vis shemitah? It wasn't clear to me from the wrapper.

Mixing compost piles on the ground

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I have a compost pile on the ground in my yard. Am I allowed to mix it during the shemitah year? If I mix it, I will be mixing soil.

Trellises and supports during shemitah

Rabbi Moshe Bloom and Dr. Mordechai Shomron, agronomist

Is it permissible to train climbing plants onto a trellis during the shemitah year?

What about adding supports to trees that have begun to grow crooked? If so, under which conditions?

Herbs growing on a covered balcony

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I have herbs growing in my covered balcony. Do they have kedushat shevi'it? What about terumot and ma'aserot?

Hefker for herbs and vegetables growing on an open-sky balcony

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Hi! Are all these rules exactly the same for a mirpeset open to the sky? How do I make plants on my mirpeset hefker?

Pruning fruit trees and bushes

Shoshan Raiz

I forgot to ask about pruning the bushes for aesthetics. Is that allowed? There are a couple of fruit trees too, I assume we should leave those alone altogether? Also, not to eat the fruit?

Terumot and ma'aserot and hefker for fruit on trees now (Cheshvan)

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Hello, my daughter has a lemon tree that she just picked 3 lemons. 1. I believe that the lemons fall under the category of yivul shishit. 2. If so, does she still have to make them hefker before she brings them into her home? 3. Does she have to take terumah and ma'aser since they were picked during the shemitah year?

Removing dead leaves or the entire contents of a planter

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

If most of the leaves have died in a potted plant (perforated planter, outside), may I remove the dead leaves and/or throw out the entire contents of the pot?

Baking banana bread with kedushat shevi'it bananas

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Can I bake banana bread with kedushat shivi'it bananas? Since we are not supposed to use the fruit in an “unusual” way, I wasn’t sure if baking is considered “unusual “? 

Garden maintenance: lawn care and leave removal

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Hello. Thank you so much for this information! We made Aliyah 3 months ago are very confused with how to properly keep the laws of shemitah here in the holy land.

Question(s): (1) Can we mow the lawn (or have someone do it)? The seed grass grows too high for my little dog to comfortably do her business on the lawn. We recently mowed it, before I realized that this might be a problem for shemitah.

(2)  Can we remove dead leaves from the ground in the garden? Thank you again.