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Matanot Aniyim Today

Rabbi Yaakov Epstein

If someone has a tree or a few trees in their yard, do they need to leave the matanot aniyim (gifts for the poor) on the trees and hang up a sign outside? Or should the home owner harvest some of the fruits and give them out, or their value, to poor people? While there might be poor people in the neighborhood, they may not know the halacha and they might not come at all. Does this exempt one of the obligation to give these gifts in the first place?

Important halachic issues to consider when planting trees and vegetables in a private garden

Rabbi Netanel Oyerbach

I live in the Jerusalem area and have a garden. I would like to start a vegetable patch and also plant some fruit trees. Could you please tell me about the halachic issues I have to take into account?

Leket, shichecha, and pe’ah today

Rabbi Yehuda HaLevy Amichay

How and in what way do we perform the mitzvot of giving the poor leket, shichecha, and pe’ah today?

Kilei Hakerem on the Porch

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

My daughter planted grape seeds in a pot with drainage holes and 10 of them have sprouted. The pot is standing in a shelf on a porch.  I have got a lot of other fruit tree seedlings (apple, lemon, pomegranate and more) in similar pots on that porch, though not on the same shelf. We live in Israel.

1) Do the potted grape seedlings need a minimum distance from the other fruit tree seedlings while on the porch? If so, how much distance?

2) What about vegetables like tomatoes that grow on a table on the porch?

3) If I plan to plant the 10 grape seedlings into a garden that has other fruit trees (olives, citruses etc.) but no vegetables anywhere, how much distance is needed?

4) If I plant instead only one grapevine in the garden, how much distance to other trees?

5) How does one in general measure the distance from a grapevine to other plants? From the root/trunk or from the tips of the vines (which in a grown up plant can extend for meters from the trunk and grow longer throughout the summer)?

Criteria for plant classification and kila’im: is the botanical definition sufficient?

Rabbis of Torah VeHa’aretz Institute

I have two questions: 1) What are the three categories according to which you can classify different types of plants vis-à-vis kila’im? 2) According to which categories are different types of plants classified today in terms of kila’im?

Turning leafy vegetables into a paste

Rabbis of Torah VeHa’aretz Institute

In my backyard I grow parsely, corriander, mint, and celery and I wanted to ask if there is any way for me to make them edible from a halachic perspective? If not, is it possible to turn them into a paste by grinding them, and then the principle that a partial organism is nullified in a ratio of 1:60 would apply (I understand that with strawberries you can grind them and turn them into ice cream). Thank you.

Is it sufficient to soak leafy vegetables in a cleanser?

Rabbis of Torah VeHa’aretz

Is it true that it’s enough to soak leafy vegetables in a fruit and vegetable cleanser (like Sterili) and check a sample (organic vegetables)? In any case, why can’t we just use salt water or vinegar like we used to in the past?

Using an aloe vera leaf to facilitate shoots taking root

Rabbi David Eigner | Emunat Itecha 125, Tishrei 5780 September 2019

Recently, farmers have begun inserting shoots into aloe vera leafs for moisture and protection against fungus. Is this considered prohibited grafting?

Birkat ha’ilanot on trees grafted in a forbidden manner (1)

Rabbi Yoel Friedemann

Can one say birkat ha’ilanot on trees grafted in a forbidden fashion?

Grafting: Where is there a list of all the kosher combinations? (1)

Rabbi Yehuda HaLevy Amichay

Is it permissible to plant a tree from a lemon tree scion grafted onto a hushhash (sour orange) rootstock? Is there a comprehensive list of all the permissible grafting combinations? Are there any nurseries that follow halacha?