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Nissan: Birkat Ha'ilanot on trees that blossom twice annually

Rabbi Yoel Friedemann

I have two questions about birkat ha'ilanot:

  • Can we make the blessing on trees that blossom twice a year (lemon, mango, petango)? What about those that bloom twice but only produce fruit once a year (mango)?
  • Why don't we make this blessing over olive trees?

Nissan: Birkat ha'ilanot vs. Shekacha lo ba'olamo

Rabbi Ehud Achituv

Whoever sees especially beautiful creations recites the blessing shekacha lo ba'olamo; "Who has such things in His world."
Whoever goes out to fields or gardens in the days of Nissan and sees trees blossoming and budding recites birkat ha'ilanot, the blessing for the trees: "Blessed … who has withheld nothing from His world, and has created in it beautiful creatures and trees for human beings to enjoy.'"  What is the difference between both blessings?

Nissan: Birkat ha’ilanot on trees grafted in a forbidden manner

Rabbi Yoel Friedemann

Can one say birkat ha’ilanot on trees grafted in a forbidden fashion?

Sukkut: Weaving Mats from Lulav Leaflets

Rabbi Ehud Aḥituv | Emunat Itecha 141 (5784), p.

Is it permissible to weave a mat from the lulav leaflets or, alternatively, to throw the lulav away in the garbage? Similarly, would it be permissible to build furniture from planks used to place sechach on?

Bringing lemons through the window

Rabbi Dr. Yoel Friedemann, Emunat Itecha, 141, Tishrei 5784

We picked lemons from our neighbor's tree with their permission. Some of the lemons were taken from the neighbors' garden and entered our house through the door. Another part was brought directly from their garden to our house through the window. The lemons are mixed together, so it is impossible to know which lemon was brought in through the door, and are obligated in tithes, and which lemons were brought in through the window and are not obligated. How should we separate terumot and ma'aserot now: Should we tithe each and every fruit, or can we take them all out of the house and bring them back in through the door?

Terumot and Ma'aserot from Myrtle Berry Liqueur

Rabbi Ehud Ahituv / Emunat Itecha 141, Tishrei 5784, pp.17-18

There are people who prepare liqueur from the small fruits that grow on myrtle bushes (hadas) during this season of the year (hereinafter: "myrtle berries"). Is it necessary to separate terumot and ma'aserot from them?

Fruit from a neighbor's tree extending into my yard

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

My neighbor has a tree whose branches extend into my property. Am I allowed to pick the fruit without requesting permission?

Separating terumot and ma'aserot from home hydroponically grown produce

Rabbi Moshe Bloom, II Adar 5784

I recently bought a hydroponics kit for my porch. Do fruits/vegetables that grow have the same halachot for shemitah, terumot, ma'aserot, neta revay, orlah? Also, which berachot would be said? Still ha’eitz or ha’adamah or shehakol?

Me'ein Shalosh on Grapes from Mitzpeh Ramon

Rabbi Yoel Friedman, Emunat Itecha 141, Tishrei 5784, pp. 19–22

Near Mitzpeh Ramon, there is a vineyard with table grapes. Should one conclude me'ein shalosh by saying al haeitz ve'al peiroteha or al haeitz ve'al hapeirot?