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Using shemitah wine for mishloach manot

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I bought lots of otzar beit din wine. Am I allowed to include a bottle in mishlo'ach manot?

Shemitah wine at the Purim seudah

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

At the Purim se'udah, wine is often spilled by drunkards, who overturn cups or bottles, and even worse, vomit the wine. Is it permissible to use shemitah wine for the Purim se'udah? Or is this considered hefsed, causing shemitah produce to be spoiled?

Performing two mitzvot with one mishloach manot

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I have a lemon tree with lots of fruit on it. I want to avoid a situation in which there are fruits from different years growing on the tree, so I harvested all the ripe ones. Can I perform the mitzvah of hefker by including holy lemons in my mishloach manot?

Drinking holy lemon tea for a sore throat

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I saw on the website that it's forbidden to use holy lemons to alleviate nausea. What about drinking honey-lemon tea for a sore throat? Is that also considered medicinal?

Mishloach manot with holy baked/cooked items

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I was planning on preparing lemon meringue pies using holy shemitah lemons for mishloach manot. The lemon juice is just part of the pie. There are other ingredients, though (I know the whole pie is holy). Does this make a difference?

Identity of the witnesses of the hefker declaration

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

It says in the Consumer's Guide for Shemitah that you need three people, who can be related to one another, to declare the wine hefker on erev Pesach.

In your WhatsApp group posts. you also mentioned that they can't be dependent members who are part of your household.

We are having a family over for seder night: a couple and their teen daughter. Can they be my hefker witnesses? Or do they have to be men? Is it a problem that they will be our guests (dependents at our table for the night)?

Bi'ur on shemitah wine from last shemitah

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Does otzar beit din wine from last shemitah require bi'ur a second time?

What happens if it is difficult to bring the wine into the public domain?

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I have many cartons of shemitah wine and I'm not allowed to lift heavy boxes. It will be very difficult and time consuming to bring them out to the public domain to declare them hefker on erev Pesach. What should I do?

Bi'ur: What happens if you won't be at home on erev Pesach?

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I'm going away for Pesach and won't be at home at bi'ur time. How should I perform bi'ur for my shemitah wine?

Selling my otzar beit din bottles to someone else

Rabbi Moshe Bloom

I bought several cartons of otzar beit din wine. My neighbor asked me if I could sell her three bottles. Am I allowed to do that, or is it considered forbidden transaction with shemitah produce?