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Shemitah wine at the Purim seudah

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At the Purim se'udah, wine is often spilled by drunkards, who overturn cups or bottles, and even worse, vomit the wine. Is it permissible to use shemitah wine for the Purim se'udah? Or is this considered hefsed, causing shemitah produce to be spoiled?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Without delving into the particulars of the ad delo yada obligation on Purim, it is forbidden to perform actions that directly and definitely cause shemitah produce to spoil or get wasted.

Rambam forbids placing a cup of shemitah wine at the edge of the table (makom torfah) since it is a place that will almost certainly cause the holy wine to spill and be wasted.

Makom torfah is, as mothers would say, is "a disaster just waiting to happen." At the Purim meal, however, any given bottle or cup will not necessarily be overturned.

So too, the wine will not definitely be vomited, unless someone is already on the verge/midst of doing so (in that case, one should certainly avoid drinking holy wine—it's not the best idea anyway).

Bottom line: Because waste is not a definite outcome, it is not considered directly spoiling shemitah produce. Thus shemitah wine may be used at the Purim seudah.