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Using shemitah wine for marinade

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 Is it permissible to make a wine marinade for a nice steak? On the one hand, it enhances the steak's quality and flavor, but on the other hand, the marinade is discarded after use.


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Using holy ingredients in cooking/baking to enhance the taste of other foods is permissible unless this results in having to discard the holy ingredients and renders them inedible (constituting hefsed).

The acid in wine breaks down the tissue on the surface of the meat, tenderizing it and adding flavor. However, marinade should be discarded before baking/cooking, otherwise it poses a health hazard.

It follows that while it is permissible to use holy ingredients in sauce that will be eaten, it is forbidden to marinate with them since they will be discarded.

The same is true for soaking fish in holy lemon juice (usually to remove odor). If the lemon juice will be discarded afterwards, it is forbidden, but if it will be used and consumed as part of the sauce, it is permissible.