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Amount exempt from bi'ur for people who won't actually use the wine on seder night

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You posted on the website the amount of wine exempt from bi'ur includes what a family would use for seder night and yom tov morning, one bottle per adult (/child 9+) and half a bottle per smaller children.

What about:

  • If your family will be going away for seder (and not bringing wine along)
  • If you decide not to drink the wine, or
  • Some participants will be drinking other wine or grape juice (some of my kids only like Kedem)?
  • You will use holy wine for some but not all of the cups?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom Nissan 5783

Excellent question. The amount exempt from bi'ur includes what you could technically drink for the "three meal" period, which for our purposes includes seder night and yom tov morning.

You don't have to actually drink the wine within that period.

This means: if you are a family of six over the age of 9, you don't have to perform bi'ur on a crate of 6 bottles of holy wine, even if for some reason you won't drink all or any of it on seder night, for any reason.