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Detached platforms during shemitah

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I am planting a small vegetable and herbs garden. In preparation for shemitah, I will prepare the patches on detached platforms. Is spreading a net against insects considered a roof? The plan is to spread nets above the patches, constructed like a hothouse. Thank you. I would also appreciate tips to prepare for shemitah so I can easily maintain my garden in a mehudar fashion.


Dr. Mordechai Shomron, Agron


To care for your plants on detached platforms, the following conditions should be present:

  1. The plants should grow in a structure with walls and a roof. The roof can comprise two layers of 50 mesh nets.
  2. The ground should be covered by a waterproof plastic sheet.
  3. The plants should grow in planters with a volume of up to 70 L.

For a full article named "Guidelines for Growing Indoors on Detached Platforms", see here.

Good luck!

Motti Shomron