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Sefichin during the shemitah year

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I wanted to know about sefichin laws during shemitah: is it permissible or forbidden to eat vegetables harvested during the shemitah year?


Rabbi Yehuda HaLevy Amichay

If we plant in a forbidden fashion during the shemitah year and harvest during the shemitah year or the eighth year, the produce will be considered sefichin and will be prohibited.

If we plant during the sixth year and the plant took root before the beginning of shemitah, according to the Rash there is no need to uproot the plant. These vegetables will have kedushat shevi'it. According to Rambam, they will still be forbidden and considered sefichin. The mainstream approach is that of the Rash: the vegetable is permitted to eat but has kedushat shevi'it; this is the custom of Jerusalem.