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Putting flowers and herbs in a vase with water

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During regular years, I like to pick flowers and fragrant herbs (star jasmine, roses, and rosemary) from my garden to decorate my  house and perfume the air in honor of  Shavuot. Can I put them in vases with water, or is that like planting them?


After picking flowers and herbs, putting them in a vase with water is not considered replanting, rather keeping them alive, and is permitted. Furthermore, this is indoors.

Flowers and herbs meant to add a pleasant fragrance to the home (such as jasmine and rosemary) have kedushat shevi'it.

They should not be discarded regularly after wilting. You can either store them in the shemitah bin, or throw them back into your garden.

Flowers picked for decorative purposes (including non-fragrant roses) do not have kedushat shevi'it and can be discarded regularly when they wilt.