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Bi'ur on shemitah wine from last shemitah

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Does otzar beit din wine from last shemitah require bi'ur a second time?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

On the one hand, bi'ur was performed with this wine seven years ago. On the other hand, it now belongs to you and it's bi'ur time.

Rabbi Steinman and Rabbi Kanievsky write that a second bi'ur is required (Pri Chaim issue 319 and Siach Emunah p.161).

I discussed the matter with Rabbi Yehuda Amichay (head of Torah VeHa'aretz Institute). He maintains that this wine does not require an additional bi'ur since the mitzvah was already performed with it. The same mitzvah does not need to be performed a second time, even if seven years have gone by.

Posted on: Adar 5783