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Bi'ur via hefker before married children

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I bought 4 boxes of Batra wine from the Golan Heights otzar beit din (I traveled to Katzrin to buy it, because the wine at the distribution spot was gone!)

I loved the wine and I brought our children mishloach manot that included Batra wine, which they also enjoyed.

On erev Pesach, may I declare the bottles ownerless in front of three of my children? They are married, live in their own homes but in my neighborhood. We all really like the wine.


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

The halachah permits declaring shemitah wine hefker before three friends, but it is forbidden to do so before dependent family members.

If the children are married and run a financially independent household and live in their own homes, they are not considered dependents, and it is permissible to declare the wine hefker in their presence.


It is permissible and possible to declare shemitah wine ownerless in the presence of three married children, provided that they do not live in their parents' homes and run financially independent households.