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Guidelines for a new garden during shemitah

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We are building our house but the yard will not really be ready yet for serious planting by Rosh Hashanah. I tried to inquire and research what my options are. I want to make sure I understood correctly: Until Rosh Hashanah I can still plant flowers and decorative (non-fruit) trees whose roots are encased in soil. After Rosh Hashanah, I can only place on the ground plants that come in planters or flower pots that grew in shemitah-observant nurseries. I will need to keep the plants in place and not move them until the end of the year. Did I understand correctly? Do the pots need to be perforated or not?


Agronomist Dr. Motty Shomron

When you enter your house, until Rosh Hashanah you will be able to plant flowers and decorative plants encased in their clod of soil. During the shemitah year it is forbidden to place planters on the ground, regardless of whether they are in perforated or unperforated planters.
You are allowed to buy planters in shemitah-observant nurseries, and to put them inside the house.