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Pruning a fruit tree with unripe fruit

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Our pomegranate tree is blocking part of the staircase. The pomegranates aren't completely ripe yet. On the same branch there are fruits of different sizes and stages of ripeness. It is a real nuisance. Am I allowed to prune the branches?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Av 5782

It is permissible to trim fruit trees laden with fruit only once they are edible.  In your case, since it is a nuisance, they can even be just barely edible.

At this stage of the year (mid-Av) most pomegranates are not yet edible, but it really depends on exposure to sunlight and other factors.

Open up the least ripe pomegranate on the branch and check to see if it is somewhat edible.

If so, you may prune the branch and allow the pomegranates to rot.

Otherwise, see if you can tie back the branch in the meantime and wait another few weeks.