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Present of a mint in a flower pot during shemitah

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I received as a present a flowerpot with mint inside. I don't know if the mint was planted during shemitah or if any shemitah solutions were used. What am I supposed to do with the plant? Am I allowed to smell it or use it for havdalah? May I use it to make mint tea?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Tammuz 5782

We are concerned that the mint was planted in a forbidden fashion during shemitah (not employing shemitah solutions such as heter mechirah or matza menutak), thus making it sefichin.

Since we are not 100% sure and there is a halachic dispute about whether it is possible to benefit from sefichin, it is permissible to benefit from it (smell, use for havdalah)

Nevertheless, it is forbidden to eat it or use it to flavor your tea.