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Bi'ur: What happens if you won't be at home on erev Pesach?

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I'm going away for Pesach and won't be at home at bi'ur time. How should I perform bi'ur for my shemitah wine?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Here are two options, in the order of halachic preference:

Early bi'ur

While best to perform bi''ur on time, if this is not possible, many rabbis (Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu, Rabbi Elyashiv, and Rabbi Yosef Lieberman) rule that one may perform bi'ur ahead of time (a few days before), as follows:

When taking the wine (or other produce) back into the home, intend not to claim it as yours until after the first day of Pesach.

If you want to perform bi'ur behiddur, you can put up a sign on their door stating that anyone who wants the wine can contact them.

Bi'ur through an agent

It is halachically problematic to appoint an agent to render one's property ownerless.

What can be done?

  1. Give the bottles to a friend as a gift.
  2. Write up a document to this effect signed by two witnesses.
  3. Then the friend can perform bi'ur at the proper time on your behalf (make sure to give them a key so they can access the wine).
Posted on: Adar 5783