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Shehechiyanu on Otzar beit din nectarines!

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 Do you have a Shehechiyanu when you eat for the first time kedushat shevi'it produce?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

No. However, if you eat for the first time this season a fruit you should say Shehechiyanu on it, and have kavana as well for the furst holy shemitah fruit!

I (Moshe Bloom) was privileged, together with my family, to eat (Iyar 5782, May 2022) fresh and juicy nectarines with kedushat shevi'it grown through Otzar Ha'aretz's otzar beit din at moshav Gimzu.

We said a shehechiyanu on the new fruit also in honor of the first time that we ate fruit with kedushat shevi'it this shemitah year.

They cost only NIS 10.4 per kg.

שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה!