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Selling my otzar beit din bottles to someone else

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I bought several cartons of otzar beit din wine. My neighbor asked me if I could sell her three bottles. Am I allowed to do that, or is it considered forbidden transaction with shemitah produce?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

As long as you are selling the wine at the price you bought it from the otzar beit din, it is not a problem. Only if you bought the wine at the otzar beit din price and you are making a profit, would constitute issuer sechorah, forbidden transaction with shemitah produce.

The same holds for making joint purchases of any otzar beit din shemitah produce: one person is allowed to pay the otzar beit din and the other person involved in the purchase may repay the one who bought it.

For otzar beit din agents, however, involved in shipping, packaging, delivery, advertisement, or distribution, it is permissible for them to take a fee for their time and effort subject to the determination of the otzar beit din.

Posted on: Adar 5783