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Hefker for a cherry tree on the porch

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I have a cherry tree growing on my porch and it can be accessed only through the house. The tree is now in its fifth year and is producing fruit now for the first time. How am I supposed to render it ownerless?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Since you have very few fruits, it is permissible to make them hefker (ownerless) in a minimal fashion:

The halachah requires informing at least three people that there is fruit on the tree and that they are invited to pick it. Of course these people need to enter through the house, and you will let them in. It is possible to send a WhatsApp on your building/neighborhood group or hang up a sign in your building.

You can also notify three friends that you have a small amount of cherries on your tree in your porch. The intent here is people who you know won't come and pick the fruit (including those who live in other cities or family members).

In regular cases it is best to render the fruit ownerless by hanging up a sign so that anyone passing by on the street could enter. In your case, however, since there is very little fruit and the entrance is through the house, lechatchilah you may render the cherries ownerless by notifying three friends (as defined above).

In conclusion: It is sufficient to notify three friends that there is some fruit on your tree on the porch even though you know they won't come.