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Terumot and ma'aserot and hefker for fruit on trees now (Cheshvan)

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Hello, my daughter has a lemon tree that she just picked 3 lemons. 1. I believe that the lemons fall under the category of yivul shishit. 2. If so, does she still have to make them hefker before she brings them into her home? 3. Does she have to take terumah and ma'aser since they were picked during the shemitah year?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Yes, just as you thought, the lemons are still definitely sixth-year produce. That means that they are not ownerless and are subject to terumot and ma'aserot. This year is a ma'aser ani year for the fruit.  Shemitah lemons are due to be ripe early Iyar (May).

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