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Orlah fruit and kedushat shevi'it

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 I have a tree in my yard that just entered its fourth year on 15 Shevat. I know that if we have a tree with orlah fruit hanging on it, we should remove the fruit so that (1) it doesn't get mixed up with neta revay fruit that will develop later on and (2) anyone who comes into the yard to take shemitah fruits doesn't inadvertently take prohibited orlah fruit.

Does this fruit have kedushat shevi'it, meaning does it have to be double-bagged or just thrown away regularly?


Rabbi Moshe Bloom

Even if the fruit began developing after Rosh Hashanah this year (the criterion for fruit to have kedushat shevi'it), orlah fruit does not have kedushat shevi'it since it is biblically prohibited to eat or benefit from it.

Relevant for trees now entering their fourth year:

If you are afraid that people might pick them by mistake, or get mixed up with neta revay fruit (relevant for fruits that begin to develop at this time of year) you may remove the fruit, just like you planned (even though it strengthens the tree). It is even better to remove the buds to begin with.

You can throw the fruit away as usual, or throw them to the ground. You don't need to put them in the shemitah bin.

Relevant for trees now entering the third year (specifically now during shemitah):

It is best to hang up a sign warning people that the fruit is orlah.